Kirk Cousins: I do need to run more

The NFL has seen an influx of quarterbacks who use their legs as weapons in recent years, but that list does not include Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Cousins wouldn’t mind changing that in the future. He said he thinks the team has “a variety of areas we can improve” and that they can focus on them because the overall scheme remains stable after Gary Kubiak took on offensive coordinator duties following Kevin Stefanski’s departure for Cleveland.

Cousins pointed to the team’s playoff loss to the 49ers and said it was an example of a spot where he could make running the ball an option to loosen up the opposing defense.

“I think personally, you look at the San Francisco game, and you see there’s a tremendous amount of room for improvement. And personally, in my own game, I felt like we got a lot of man coverage in that game, and I really needed to take off and run,” Cousins said, via the team’s website. “I do need to run more. I have an athleticism there that, I don’t know that I tap into enough. And so, that’s maybe an area that I’ll try to work on the best I can. The challenge is, with a red jersey on in practice, it’s really hard to know when you were tackled, when you were sacked and when you’re still scrambling. But I’d like to add that to my game and try to work on that the best I can, as hard as it is.”

Cousins ran the ball 75 times without much success over his first two seasons in Minnesota. He did run for 13 touchdowns in his three years as a starter in Washington, though, and another offensive wrinkle would be welcomed if Cousins can figure it out before the Vikings start playing again.